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The palate included off-white tile and grey tiles, with wood and a touch of earthy tones of green and maroon. As one enters the terrace, we first see a glass box made with metal framework and two pivoted doors. The cabin has solid wall partition till a height of about 450mm and large glass panels above it. The door has a maroon colored frame work and dark grey colored door shutters. It has a sitting for about 5-6 people and a bar area inside.

As we move further, an open sitting area is placed towards the front of the property with wooden flooring. A planter box at the edge extends into a cantilevered sitting bench. Adjoining it, is a water body with cascading water feature and a rustic stone wall behind.

At the rear of the property, the water tank has been clad with tiles in brick pattern and a Buddha sculpture has been placed in front of it with text “Keep Calm & Be like Buddha” to create a playful element. The other side of the tank has a ladder which is also designed to hold hanging planters and shelves to add interest. The washroom is designed with a terrazzo tile and a pastel green paint to make it look bigger and spacious.

Sahni's Residence

The brief is to design an 1100 sq.ft. terrace along with a lounge area in the lower floor. The client wanted to have a very relaxing calm terrace with lots of green and a rustic feel. The plan to have a closed sitting area with a bar/pantry counter, an open to sky sitting with a fire place, a waterbody and a powder washroom.

Location : New Delhi, India

Area :  1100 sq.ft.

Status : Ongoing

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