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Real Ply

The brief was to design an experience center for the ply and veneer manufacturer. The space being divided in the center by the core, segregated the display area to the left and the storage area to the right. The functions required were a reception, waiting, meeting room, conference, and a display area for selection. The selection area was naturally taken at the rear for privacy and easy access to the storage area.

Location : New Delhi, India

Area :  1500 sq.ft.

Status : Ongoing

The idea was to use the material in raw form and explore its limits for the visitor to be able to educate oneself and make the selection with ease. The reception was designed with a concrete texture back wall with a veneer panel in the center for signage and an abstract table with dyed veneer cladding. The waiting area explored a veneer with free flowing forms and a bright yellow sofa to make the space vibrant. The flooring was kept minimal with a light grey tile and the ceiling was exposed with a dark grey paint to highlight one’s focus only on the product.

Since the footfall of the showroom was to be limited on appointment basis, the meeting and the conference rooms did not require a solid partition around it for privacy. Hence, a partition with fins made of raw plywood all around was created where samples of all different veneers were displayed.

The samples had different shades of veneer and also different finishes over each veneer, thus making the visitor aware of the final look of the product. The tables of both the meeting room and the conference was designed with a raw wood top and metal legs which is a product sold by the clients. An abstract veneer clad hanging light is customised for both the rooms. The conference also shows exclusive veneer panelling on walls as artwork

The idea is to educate the visitor on all aspects by the time he/she reaches the selection area making it much easier to shortlist from the wide range of the products available. The washroom was clad with black mirror and veneer to make the otherwise narrow passage seem bigger through reflections. The door of the washroom is customised in a way that it is hidden from outside and gives a seamless look. In the display area a bar table with the raw wood top is placed for showcase and discussion purposes. The hanging lights are also customised using raw wood and metal frames. The selection area is separated from the storage with a partition of vertical angled fins that allows a perforated view. It also acts as a display for veneers.

The main display and selection area for the visitors has a white and a dark grey tile clad wall on two sides where the veneer can be placed to visualize the outcome according to one’s requirement.

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