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Malibu Town Residence

The project is a G+4 floor residence with two floors for the client’s personal use and the other two for rental. It is a 300 sq.yd. north facing plot. The stilt floor consists of parking, an entertainment zone and a servant room. The above floors were almost typical with the master and the kid’s bedroom in the front, the living and the core in the center and the kitchen and the guest bedroom at the rear.

Location : New Delhi, India

Area :  300 sq.yd.

Status : Ongoing

For the facade, the concept was  created with an extensive use of Terracotta jaalis. In this, the balconies were kept untouched at all levels. The parapet wall is treated with raw cemento texture, bricks and terracotta jaalis. These jaalis provide a play of shade and shadow in the balcony and the bedrooms.

The MS frames also become an element that combines the floors to seem like a single home.

The boundary wall is planned with a guard room in the center and the vehicular access gated on both its sides. The right of the wall is again clad with jaalis and highlighted with a planter box. In the ground floor, which was to be used by the parents, the material palate was kept minimal and very subtle. The flooring was kept light grey and the walls were painted light beige on a white base.

 As we enter, we first see a sliding folding door covering the puja room with a backlit ceiling. The puja room is separated from the living room with a perforated and customised TV cabinet.

The back wall of the living room is clad with Statuario tiles and brushed nickel inlay. The ceiling of the living and the kitchen are kept plain and that of the kitchen is clad with wood.

The dining cabinet with a crockery showcase on both sides and a set of drawers in the middle extends on the right to become a open display for artifacts and also a shoe cabinet.

The master bedroom has wooden flooring and a backlit lasercut wooden ceiling to provide for the warmth needed. The backwall of the bed is clad with grey Italian marble with grooving in it. The walls are painted light beige and the TV is planned to be hung from the ceiling with a metal support. The bedroom also has a dresser with a full height mirror next to the TV. The powder room is designed to be unique with a combination of Italian and Indian marble. The faucet is ceiling mounted and the basin is free standing.

 The kid’s bedroom is created with a back wall clad with wallpaper and brown mirror. The TV cabinet extends into a storage and a study table for the child. Both the cabinets are painted in off white and pastel green to add colour to the room.

The master bedroom is designed to have dark stone cladding and wooden flooring to create a cozy space. The walls are painted beige and the backwall has dark grey painted wooden battens.

The kid’s bedroom is designed with shades of pastel pink in the ceiling, wardrobe and the TV cabinet which extends into a playful study table for the girl. The bed is custom designed with a metal frame and green vines.

The guest bedroom at the rear is converted into a study lounge with a sofa cum bed. It has a blue painted back wall with battened wooden frame. The ceiling has a backlit box to make it a different experience within the house.

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