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Dolby Mica

The project is a 36 sq.m. exhibition space for a laminate brand. The concept was to display the products not to sell, but to present the idea of the brand as a design-based establishment.

Location : New Delhi, India

Area :  36 sq.m.

Status : Completed

The design had the motive to attract visitors using an abstract architectural imagery with composition of colours, elements and most importantly its proportions. The contemporary and non-conventional composition would be the eye-catcher where the person would want to stop by and take a look to understand the versatility of the product. Every element in the space including the flooring, cladding of partitions, design features, ceiling, furniture, are all customised and fabricated using laminate externally.

The 6m x 6m space being open from two sides, was kept visually connected from all over the pavilion without any external hinderance. It was divided into a corner reception area, large display space and a smaller discussion space at the rear.

The idea for the composition arrived from the reduced arch shape in the brand’s logo. The arch was extracted, then multiplied in different scales and proportions. These arches represent openings which invite ideas and depict the brand’s initiative to collaborate and develop. Further adding depth and placing the arches at certain positions segregated the necessary spaces required functionally.

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