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Co Sphere Office

The 800 sq.ft. space was to be converted into an office for a developer cum jeweler. The client was keen on having a minimal interior but yet had to provide a feel of luxury since his visitors would be from both the construction and jewelry sectors. Also, the client had a great collection of valuable artworks which was to be integrated in the interiors if possible.

Location : New Delhi, India

Area :  800 sq.ft.

Status : Ongoing

The concept started with creating zones for the entry, reception, a MD cabin, a conference room, and workstations for general staff and the accounts department. Since it was a very small space, the idea was to create partitions in a certain way that could cater privacy but also give an open feel. The material palate includes beige, two shades of wood, dark green fused with brass. The entry opens to a reception cum waiting area with the MD cabin on one side and the conference room on the other. The back wall has a dark green paint with signage on it and a console table in front with a floating top. The reception able is clad with dark veneer on the top and sides, and a light veneer in the front.

The glass partition on the cabin and the conference as designed using a MS frame structure with veneer cladding. The glass of the partition is divided using brass frames, and two different kinds of glass (clear and fluted) have been used in different sections as per the requirement of privacy. Further the large glass panel in the center has been utilized as the display for the artworks. Separate frames carry a wooden panel and the artworks are placed on both sides of the panels showcasing inside and outside the cabin. The doors have been kept solid and painted dark green with a brass strip and handle. Both the cabins have wooden flooring and the rest of the floor is a beige tile with inlay work.

The workstations have been kept simple with floating wooden top and beige painted overhead cabinets and a green tag board to match the overall theme.

Every furniture has been custom designed for the office. The MD table is a U shaped piece with a large book cabinet at the rear and a Michelangelo stone top. The rear cabinet has a brown mirror back and brass inlay in the shelves.

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