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Colaso Apartment

A retired couple who have spent most of their lives in Africa moved back to India and were looking to revamp this 2500 sq.ft. Apartment in a very contemporary style. Their fondness of minimal design and raw stone, wood and bricks formed the basis of this concept. The idea was to create a modern interior with a fusion of rustic elements yet with a feel of an urban luxury abode.

Location : Gurgaon, India

Area :  2500 sq.ft.

Status : Completed

The 35 floor building in which the apartment sits, had a very tight space for the living and dining and lacked openness. But since the building was constructed using concrete walls, none of it could be taken down to create openness needed. So the concept began with reducing one of the 4 bedrooms and making it the dining room and powder.  The living then became bigger with a segregated bar area. The servant room and washroom was also taken down and it became a store and a deck for a drum set that the lady of the house loves playing. The master washroom was extended into one of the guest bedrooms to make it spacious and to add a dressing in it.

The palette of the house consists of majorly whites and greys but added with splashes of bright blue, dark green and a brick red to make it more vibrant to suit with the client’s living.

As we enter the house, we see an abstract wallpaper with a painting that welcomes a visitor inside. To the right is a drums set on a wooden deck that has a raw brick curved wall on its back. Along it sits, the kitchen with bright blue and white cabinets.

The bar area has a unique cabinet in dark green and a bar counter with hanging lights on the top. The bar area and the living is separated with a geometrical MS partition.

The TV wall has a low cabinet and shelves on both the sides to keep the collection of their books. The ceiling is kept very minimal with a linear LED light crossing through the entire passage to give a uniform spread.

As we walk from the living to the dining, we see a bright blue wall that grabs our attention. A study table is kept just next to the powder room. The powder room is made out of green wooden partition and translucent fluted glass to allow light into the passage and a sense of openness.

 The powder room is designed with a floor mounted basin and black and white Italian marble. Also a wooden ceiling on top of the WC adds more interest in the small space. The ceiling of the dining is adorned with antique wooden beams and a handing light on the table. The table has a wooden top and brass legs and the chairs are of two different colors of fabrics balancing the vibrancy in the space. A showcase cabinet sits on a raw bring wall next to the powder room for all general utility.

The entry for the two guest bedrooms has a unique artistic wallpaper washed with light and a wooden flooring. The doors are painted dark grey with translucent glass panels in the centre.

 All the bedrooms are planned with wooden flooring for the desired warmth. The master bedroom as a stone back wall with ceiling hanging side lights and a raw brick side wall. The ceiling has a wooden batten panelling and a traditional painting on it. A single seater recliner sofa is planned next to the TV as a cosy reading spot.

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