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Chanana's Residence

The project is a residence for a family of siblings where each sibling owns a typical floor. It is a 450 sq.yd. plot in South Delhi facing West. The clients were very fond of neo-classical facade and interiors and were looking for intricate detailing in all of its elements.

Location : Safdarjung, New Delhi, India

Area    : 450 sq.yd.

Status   : Ongoing

The brief for the facade included that they all needed full length balconies for each floor and wanted to have classical columns and stone work. The palatte chosen was combination of an off-white stone, a grey stone and a rough random rubble in the center. The balcony parapet has stone clad columns and an intricate GI railing. The doors and windows are planned with mullions and the roof is designed with a false slope to go with the classical facade concept.

The typical floor is planned with the living and dining in the front and 4 bedrooms behind it. To break the monotony of the corridor leading to the bedrooms, an intermediate open to sky shaft is created with a sitting area along it. The rear service balcony also hosts the puja room, an outdoor seating and the laundry area.

The clients had their antique pieces of wooden furniture which they wanted to retain and the designing of the interiors had to be conceived around it. The walls are mostly kept white and others treated with light pastel shades to compliment the dark wooden furniture. The flooring is planned with a combination of Italian Marble/Terrazo and wooden flooring with an inlay work of brass. The entry foyer has a patterned stone work with a chandelier on the center of the ceiling. The corridor has various design elements like a blue pastel wall with paintings on it, and a fully wooden clad sitting area to break the monotony in its linearity.

The false ceiling here also has brass inlay to add certain warmth and elegance. The living room is designed to have a stone clad fire place in the center and a wooden flooring which acts as a carpet itself surrounded by marble and brass.  An earthy pink pastel shade is planned for the walls with up-down lighters on each panel.

The dining room has a blue front wall with an antique wooden showcase cabinet to create a contrast with the living area. The ceiling has 9 white wooden squares which though detailed give a subtle minimal look. Behind the dining cabinet, sits the home office with two glass doors from either side.

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