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Bath & Floors Showroom

Location : Rajouri Garden, India

Area :  3500 sq.ft.

Status : Completed

The 3500 sq.ft. tiles & sanitary ware showroom sits amidst one of the most busy roads in New Delhi. The brief was to design the façade, interiors and outdoor landscape areas for the ground floor of the 20 year old existing building.

The showroom, rather an experience centre, was to be designed in a way that we are able to create mockups for complete washroom concepts and also have space for selection galleries for different kinds of products.

The idea of the façade started with the constraints of not being able to create something bold or something that can project out because of the busy road and the existing elevation. So, the concept was to make it a subtle canvas to also showcase their tiles and have display windows for any passer-by to peek into. To create the same, a false MS structure was created on the existing wall. The framework was later clad with Shera boards and then the tiles were pasted with adhesives. The colour palette was rustic grey and calacatta stone. The signage framework was taken ahead with a niche in between and backlit branding. The display windows have a tapered side with white tile cladding facing towards the entry so that it softens the edges and the linearity of the boxed structure.

As we enter, we have a landscape area with outdoor mockups, where a separate display has been created for the outdoor tiles and furniture. This area also has a waterbody, green wall and a sitting area with pergola roofing on the top. The plinth steps have been made in different angles tapering towards the main entry door of the showroom. This also showcases the quality of the tiles used with great workmanship.  The composition of the tiles allow any visitor to easily make combinations of tiles for his space looking at all the different tones available at one view.

In the tiles display area, the small space was created with a sitting and slanter area in the center and small mockups were designed all around it. A concept for an entry foyer, a washroom, a informal sitting area and also a bar is displayed. Few rotatable panels with MS frames have been installed as we enter, to display large format tiles.

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