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2509 HOUSE

The residence is a 4500 sq.ft. duplex with a terrace in Gurgaon, designed for a young couple and their 6 year old kid. They wanted a space with a fusion of luxury and neo classical elements.

The concept palette of the house included usage of beige tones with a minimal usage of greens, off white stones and brass work.

Location : Gurgaon, India

Area :  4500 sq.ft.

Status : Ongoing

As we enter the house, we have a little foyer with the back wall designed with leather, mirror and stone cladding. The ceiling has a vintage rustic tile cladding with a hanging light on it. And this space opens up into a large hall with an informal sitting area on one side and a staircase leading to the upper floor and terrace on the other. The internal staircase with a double height space is made of a metal structure and clad completely with white and a dark brown stone. Each riser had a brass strip and the railing is also customized in brass to add a pop of colour and certain interest. The space below the staircase is used as a green sculpture court. The informal sitting has the side and back walls clad with a soft wallpaper with a strip of brass and mirror in it. A niche has been created on the back wall with angular fins tapering out and clad with stone and green paint. The idea is to bring some playful dynamics in the otherwise dull blank wall. The dining area has a table and sitting for 10 people and a large cabinet with bar and crockery units. The ceiling of the dining has multiple brass frames hanging at two levels with veneer cladding and mirror work.

As we move towards the staircase, a large sliding folding door opens up to a cosy private living lounge area. The floor has a complementing dark stone with inlay work and the front wall is painted dark green with linear mouldings. The room has a vintage wallpaper to one side to add more interest and cosiness to the room. The furniture includes sofas and lounge chairs in warm colours and leather shades.

The bedrooms in the house are also planned with soft beige tones all over with one highlight wall with addition of colours, wooden cladding or stone cladding. All the furniture are custom designed including, TV cabinets, wardrobes and consoles, keeping in mind the requirements of the clients and the whole design language internally.  

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